11 years of relevant experience in handling parent support group from Jaipur, Rajasthan, active participation in various events organized to create awareness for Inborn Errors of Metabolism and to campaign for newborn screening in India has helped us mentor 8000+ people through MERD India by providing help and necessary information and support.

After MERDIndia campaign 
FSSAI has initiated Diet4Life to help people understand about metabolic disorders.. It will provide a comprehensive platform to parents, Health care professionals and parent support groups to adopt the right approach towards Inborn Errors of metabolism (IEM) management.
In India many babies suffer from life threatening conditions of IEM, and treatment of these metabolic disorders require early nutritional and dietary intervention. In view of the seriousness of the issue, FSSAI initiated a unique platform for parents to find timely medical support and treatment. FSSAI has entered into a partnership with professional organizations, healthcare professionals and corporates to address the challenge that plagues a small section of our society.
Rare Disease Policy 
views were given during several meetings and also committee responsible for Rare diseases policy , Govt of India.
After newborn screening lab, JK Lone hospital to screen blood disorders
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