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Kerala to go for screening of all newborn
KOCHI: The state government will be screening of all new born in government hospitals. Called Quality of Survival beyond Survival for new-born by screening them, the aim of the government is to improve the quality of life of every new born by limiting disability early.

Around 5 lakh children are born every year in the state, of which 1.3 lakh are born in the government hospitals. This will help detect congenital defects early and help reduce Kerala’s Infant Mortality Rate (IMR). State government plans to bring down the state IMR to 6 by 2030 and they believe that this can be done if congenital problems in children are detected and treated early.

The aim is to ensure overall disability prevention by detecting conditions that lead to disability at a later age and treating it where possible,said health secretary Rajeev Sadanandan.

Experts call for screening of heart defects among newborns
About 1.5 lakh infants are born with congenital heart diseases in India every year, a condition which can be detected with timely screening.

Newborn Hearing Screening Programme: Over 1.5 lakh infants screened so far in Kochi

KOCHI: The Newborn Hearing Screening Programme hailed as a path breaking health initiative has enabled the screening of over 1.5 lakh infants in the state so far since taking off over 15 years ago.  Of these, hearing defect was detected in 317 kids.

Newborns to be screened for two diseases from April
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Delhi HC.
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