Genetic Disorders
Genetic Disorders Genetic Disorders
Genetic Disorders

First initiative in India to provide†informative support to parents

The mission of MERD India is to promote†awareness†for Inborn Errors of Metabolism & Rare Genetic Disorders and provide†Moral and Informative support†to the parents of such children and to campaign†newborn screening†in India†

About Us
Metabolic Errors and Rare Diseases organization of India was thought by two parents, Vikas Bhatia & Neelam Shroff ,who wanted to setup a parent support and advocacy organization in India. The vision is to have a forum of likeminded individuals who can promote & help in spreading awareness for early detection of the Inborn Errors of Metabolism & Rare Diseases and thereby save and support many lives.†

Founder Member

Vikas Bhatia, born on 21st April 1970 graduated in commerce,
Area of expertise: -
Handloom Emporium

Retail Business

Owner of Handloom Emporium ,

Saree Business at Jaipur, Rajasthan 

Inborn errors of metabolism



MERD India

Got involved in promoting awareness for Inborn Errors of Metabolism & Rare Genetic Disorders after his third sonís death. All the three were born with rare metabolic disease Pyruvate Carboxylase Deficiency†. After he decided to help parents who are facing the similar kind of problem Now his lifeís objective is to provide moral and informative support to the parents of IEMs suffering children and to campaign newborn screening in India. Contact -†vkrb@rediffmail.com

Disclaimer: -This website and support group MERD India is only to provide basic information and moral support to the parents of children with inborn errors of metabolism and rare genetic diseases. The information provided in this website has been sourced from various websites and articles. By no means we claim to be exhaustive or up-to-date. For this parents are requested to contact their physician and geneticists/ metabolic expert. We do not provide any genetic counseling or clinical advice.

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