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UMMID initiative to tackle inherited genetic diseases of newborn babies


UMMID initiative aims to create awareness about genetic disorders and establish molecular diagnostics in hospitals. 
Minister of Science, Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated five diagnostic centres under the program Unique Methods of Management and treatment of Inherited Disorders (UMMID) to tackle the menace of genetic diseases in newborns. This initiative of the government will help the future generation in treating and preventing these diseases caused by genetic disorders. Also, National Inherited Diseases Administration (NIDAN) kendras have been established under UMMID scheme.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan informed that according to an estimate, about 4.95 lakh children are born with hereditary diseases every year in the country. These children have the right to get proper treatment. He also said that it is the responsibility of the government to take measures to bring down the number of children suffering from congenital diseases.
• Speaking on the occasion Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that this new initiative aims at creating awareness about genetic disorders and establish molecular diagnostics in hospitals so that the benefits of developments in medical genetics could reach patients.
• Under this scheme 75 new medical colleges will be opened in the country by 2022. 
• About 115 districts have been identified in the rural areas where these centers will be started soon.
• These centres will provide counselling, prenatal testing/diagnosis and management in government hospitals of the country.
• Harsh Vardhan started the operation of five diagnosis centres in Delhi, Jodhpur, Hyderabad and Kolkata for the treatment and research of diseases based on congenital disorders. In Delhi, these centres have been started at the Lady Hardinge Medical College and the Medical and Research Institute located at the Air Force Center.


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In coordination with Genetics department, a newborn screening program for congenital hypothyroidism and congenital adrenal hyperplasia is running, under the National Health Mission, catering to all births in 7 government hospitals in and around Lucknow.
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