Recent Activates

Recent Activates from MERDIndia  

 Oct- 2019  
MERDIndia gave informative support to more than 30 people regarding IEM and NBS 
MERDindia have Organized one  Professional meetings
Jaipur-Organized  Health awareness program under Service week of  lion club  at Eternal Hospital  on 5 October  2019
Upcoming event 
Inborn Errors of Metabolism Day (IEM Day ) in India is marked  on the 21 November to 
raise awareness about IEM diseases that most people will not know of, as well as to 
improve access to treatment.In Fact that treatment for many IEMS diseases is 
insufficient, and some peoples quality of life is greatly hindered by inequality, simply 
because people have never heard of their disease, or do not understand the disease and 
the patients needs.
Since 2011, MERDIndia has been putting in many  platform to rise awareness about IEMS  
AND  informative support to   parents , as well as Co-Ordinating events for IEM Disease 
Day at  national level.
 This year MERDIndia will organize  IEM DAY with  kind support by  Nelson Mother and Child 
Care Hospital , NNF , IAP,   on 24th NOV 2019 at Nagpur 
VENUE - Hotel Hardeo 24 Nov 2019 Sunday 9 AM TO 2PM 
This is a first symposium of its kind to be held at Nagpur . There will be a 
participation from all stakeholders i.e Doctors, Parents , Nutritionists, with an aim to 
discuss the best practices to diagnose and manage the IEMs. 
I hope to see you participate in large numbers and get benefit from the lectures, 
discussions and interactive sessions. 
I request all of you  to please save the date and make sure to attend the event and 
convey all knowing parents and doctors to attend

With Sincere Regards,

Vikas Bhatia
Voice for No-Voice People
Founder Member
MERD India Foundation
(Parent Support Group)


Also, Check out HAPPY NEWS
UMMID initiative to tackle inherited genetic diseases of newborn babies
UMMID initiative aims to create awareness about genetic disorders and establish molecular 
diagnostics in hospitals. 
Minister of Science, Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated five 
diagnostic centres under the program Unique Methods of Management and treatment of 
Inherited Disorders (UMMID) to tackle the menace of genetic diseases in newborns. This 
initiative of the government will help the future generation in treating and preventing 
these diseases caused by genetic disorders. Also, National Inherited Diseases 
Administration (NIDAN) kendras have been established under UMMID scheme.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan informed that according to an estimate, about 4.95 lakh children are 
born with hereditary diseases every year in the country. These children have the right to 
get proper treatment. He also said that it is the responsibility of the government to 
take measures to bring down the number of children suffering from congenital diseases.
 Speaking on the occasion Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that this new initiative aims at 
creating awareness about genetic disorders and establish molecular diagnostics in 
hospitals so that the benefits of developments in medical genetics could reach patients.
 Under this scheme 75 new medical colleges will be opened in the country by 2022. 
 About 115 districts have been identified in the rural areas where these centers will be 
started soon.
 These centres will provide counselling, prenatal testing/diagnosis and management in 
government hospitals of the country.
 Harsh Vardhan started the operation of five diagnosis centres in Delhi, Jodhpur, 
Hyderabad and Kolkata for the treatment and research of diseases based on congenital 
disorders. In Delhi, these centres have been started at the Lady Hardinge Medical College 
and the Medical and Research Institute located at the Air Force Center.
Please make  our country a better and safer place for Newborns.


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