Recent Activates



Recent Activates from MERDIndia in July 2021

1)MERDIndia gave informative support to more than 15 people .

2)Only Webinars activities i due to coronavirus .

24th July 2021

Organized webinar with Lion Clubs Jaipur on Healthy Children Healthy Nation and focused on Child hood
cancer and new born Screening and Speakers Were Dr Satyendra Katewa from Manipal Hospital and Dr
Rajesh Pathak from Narayan Hridalaya Jaipur.

5th July -2021

Participated in webinar on Indian contribution to disease gene discovery organized by SGPGI in memory
of Late Dr SS Agarwal  ,He was 
luminary in our country in medical genetics .

3rd July -2021

Participated in Webinar on 6th Annual International Conference of the Board of Genetic Counseling




 Informative News for New-born Screening

Novel Screening Approach Improves Diagnosis of Newborn Metabolic Disorders

Make hearing loss test mandatory in new-borns

After a recent survey pointed out that four out of every 1,000 new-borns have hearing loss in the
country, doctors point out that mandatory screening of hearing ability can reduce the risk of late
Chennai: As Tamil Nadu does not have mandatory screening under Universal New-born Hearing Screening
(UNHS), experts say it should be made compulsory as in the neighbouring State of Kerala.


Please make  our country a better and safer place for Newborns.



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