Recent Activates

Recent Activates from MERDIndia  

In June 2019:  

1)MERDIndia gave informative support to more than 20 people regarding IEM and NBS  
2) We visited Delhi's ICMR office to meet and discuss about newborns screening awareness program .  
3) We also met Dr IC Verma at Gangaram hospital and took advice for awareness for inborn errors of metabolism and newborns screening .  
4) we also trying hard to reach health ministry to appeal for universal newborns screening .  
5) we visited FSSAI office and took update on diet for life project.  

*IMPORTANT*: There is an IEM Awareness program on Sunday, 1st September 2019 at Choithram Hospital, Indore. Please reserve your dates. All expenses to be born personally. 

*Also, Check out HAPPY NEWS form Telangana*  



Proud news 
Meet this father who opened a lab to manage his son's rare disease
Please make  our country a better and safer place for Newborns.


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