Recent Activates

 Recent Activates from MERDIndia
In february  2019: 
1)MERDIndia gave informative support to more than 25 people regarding IEM and NBS 
2)MERDINDIA support World Rare disease day by organized with lion calub  adarsh nagar 
jaipur   unique symbolic  Race for 7 a mass awareness run/walk on 28 Feb 2019 at the Jawahar Circle Garden, Jaipur, Rajasthan, More than 70 people well attended and run/walk for Awareness. 



Newborn screening will be made mandatory
Other than neonatal care and comprehensive primary care for children, the Health 
Department has plans to give importance to infant mental health also, she said.
New Delhi: The doctors working in government hospitals like All India Institutes of Medical Sciences  
(AIIMS) as well as practicing in Delhi and national capital region (NCR) are strongly lobbying with the 
government to allow them to carry out ‘new-born screening’ (NBS) for all babies in India. 

Known as a prevention programme, NBS includes a set of tests wherein the doctors can easily detect and  
prevent ‘inborn errors of metabolism’ (IEMs) which is referred to as congenital metabolic diseases or inherited metabolic disorders. These are rare genetic (inherited) disorders in which the body cannot properly turn food into energy. 
Please make  our country a better and safer place for Newborns.


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