MERD India urges various agencies involved in the improvement of Neonatal care to implement the following at the earliest
1. Mandate some form of Newborn Screening at a National level 
2. Create adequate infrastructure for mass screening programs.
3.. Create a National Newborn Screening Registry.
 4. Create adequate infrastructure to give best available treatment for IEMS and other genetic and Rare diseases.
5. We commend the step of clinical trials and request that the clinical trials be made as safe as possible for the patients suffering from metabolic and other rare diseases and for them to be conducted only by experts.

6. We request that the life saving diet and Drug that is required by the patients suffering from metabolic and other rare diseases be given sanctions for manufacturing in India for easy access with zonal centres being set up for easy availability.

7. Until the production for same starts in our country, we request for notification containing the names of the diet and being imported published on all ports and customs so that they are given clearance without any delay. We request the Government to not levy any GST and import taxes or duties on these diets because these are life saving diets being consumed for compassionate use. There is a need to publish such drugs and diets because of the lack of awareness at the ports of entry and amongst customs officials. This has led to products beingstalled at the ports of entry, thus leading to delay in the drugs arriving for use.
8. These life saving diets and Drugs are of utmost importance for the patients since many disease can not  be cured but only managed through these diets and Drugs.

9. Rare Disease centre in every state and union territory in main government hospital should be established and in the future clinical trials may be conducted in these hospitals.
Welcome News 
Rare Diseases Policy
FSSAI to allow import of food for special medical purposes
FSSAI has initiated Diet4Life to help people understand about metabolic disorders.. It will provide a comprehensive platform to parents, Health care professionals and parent support groups to adopt the right approach towards Inborn Errors of metabolism (IEM) management.
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The Central Government has given full exemption from basic customs duty on all drugs and Food for Special
Medical Purposes imported for personal use for treatment of all Rare Diseases listed under the National
Policy for Rare Diseases 2021 through a general exemption notification.

GST Council recommends IGST exemption for Dinutuximab (Quarziba), medicines and Food for Special Medical
Purposes (FSMP) when imported for personal use subject to existing conditions. Recommends extension of
exemption to FSMP imported by Centres of Excellence for Rare Diseases or any institution or person on
recommendation of such listed Centres of Excellence
  Please sincerely look into our Appeal and help to make our country a better and safer place for Newborns.








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